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Fulfillment Partner Criteria

Culinary Excellence

Demonstrate a genuine passion for delivering high-quality and diverse culinary experiences.

Location Suitability

Have a strategically located establishment with high visibility or a target demographic aligned with the virtual brand’s offerings.

Operational Excellence

Ensure operational excellence, including efficient kitchen management, inventory control, and supervision of staff.

Commitment to Brand

Commit to upholding and maintaining the high standards of Shadow Eats virtual brands, including quality, service, and overall brand image.

Customer-Centric Approach

Maintain a customer-centric mindset, prioritizing a positive and memorable experience for every customer.

Fullfilment Partner Benefits

Established Brand Recognition

Leverage the strong brand recognition of Shadow Eats to attract customers and build trust from day one.

Proven Menu

Access a diverse and proven menu of culinary delights, including North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and Biryani, offering a wide range of options for your customers.

Higher ROI

Unlock greater ROI as multiple brands flourish through shared manpower, culinary excellence, tech synergy, and streamlined supply infrastructure.

Central Marketing

We spearhead your brand’s promotion, strategically managing marketing endeavors, including aggregator marketing plans, all covered under our central budget for effective outreach and growth in the cloud kitchen landscape.

Cloud Management

Our comprehensive blueprint ensures seamless setup and management of stores, brands, channels, supply chains, and operations, maintaining consistent standardization across all verticals with cloud-based software solutions.


Application and Approval

Initiate the process by expressing interest and submitting a franchise application. The franchisor evaluates suitability and, upon approval, progresses to the next stage.

Review and sign the franchise agreement, ensuring a clear understanding. Legal consultation is optional but recommended for clarity on terms.

Training and Setup

Engage in comprehensive training covering operational aspects and brand standards. Collaborate on site selection, setup, and technology integration for a seamless launch.

Marketing and Launch

Work closely with the marketing team to implement local strategies. Conduct a soft launch, gather feedback, and announce the grand opening for a successful launch.

Ongoing Support

Enjoy continuous support from Shadow Eats, including training updates, marketing assistance, and collaboration within the franchisee community for sustained success.

Chef Training Unit (CTU)

Faridabad , Haryana

Faridabad , Haryana

Gurugram , Haryana

Gurugram , Haryana

What Our Partner Says

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A: To become a fullfilment kitchen partner, please submit query. Engage in initial discussions to understand the requirements and expectations.

A: Yes, absolutely! In addition to managing your own brand, you’ll also have the exciting opportunity to operate
a Shadow Eats Brands from your premises. This dual venture not only diversifies your offerings but also
maximizes the potential of your infrastructure and resources, providing an additional stream of income and a higher return on investment, all without any extra financial commitment from your end.

A: As of now, we have a presence in 48 cities across India, and we are actively expanding to new locations to
meet the demands of the growing food industry.

A: Yes, Shadow Eats covers all commissions for delivery aggregators, discounts, and advertising expenses
associated with acquiring orders, streamlining the process for franchise owners.

A: Rest assured, we have a policy in place. We will not establish a new Shadow Eats outlet within a 4 km radius for tier 1 cities and a 7 km radius for tier 2 cities from your location. This ensures that your business maintains its exclusivity and competitive edge in the local market.

A: Shadow Eats specializes in a diverse range of culinary delights, including North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai,
and a variety of Biryani options.

A: While there is a core menu that reflects the Shadow Eats brand, franchise owners may have some flexibility
to tailor the menu to local preferences. Any menu customization must align with the overall brand image and

A: Shadow Eats offers comprehensive training programs covering kitchen receipe , order handling ,operational
aspects, customer service, marketing strategies, and ongoing support for franchise owners and their staff.

Shadow Eats is India’s fast growing virtual food brands community that works intensively with the food brands in growth phase of their journey. Join us at Shadow Eats and discover a world of endless culinary possibilities.

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