Elevate your brand on a national scale through our culinary innovation ecosystem, fortified supply chain, and cutting-edge technology infrastructure.

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National Exposure

Scale across India at shadow eats kitchens

Operational Excellence

Fully-equipped kitchen along with manpower and equipment.

Shadow Heroes

Whole oprations managed By Shadow Heroes

Technology Integration

POS system driven by full-stack AI technology.

Cost-Effective Expansion

Expand nationally with Shadow Eats, reducing local infrastructure investment needs.

Brands We Embrace

Icecream Brands

Chocolate Brands

Brownie Brands

Gift Hampers Brands

Cookies Brands

Coffee Brands

Indian Sweets Brands

Frozen Food Brands

Bakery Brands

Dessserts Brands

Milkshake Brands

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Launcher Presence

Country : India 🇮🇳

States : 6

Cities : 30

Shadow Launcher : 35

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0 +

Aggregator Partners

Delivery Aggregator Partners


A: Shadow Eats is a startup that provides ready-to-use kitchen spaces with AI-driven pos technology, catering
to food brands looking to expand across various cities in India. Our mission is to empower food entrepreneurs
with seamless and technologically advanced solutions.

A: Our AI-driven technology optimizes kitchen operations, from inventory management to predictive ordering,
ensuring efficiency and manage order from various aggregator Partners . It also provides data-driven insights
to help food brands make informed decisions for growth.

A: As of now, we have a presence in 30 cities across India, and we are actively expanding to new locations to
meet the demands of the growing food industry.

A: No! Our spaces are designed to accommodate a limited range of food brands, which can be Icecream
brands, Chocolate Brands , Sweets & Mithai Brands , Bakery Brands , Dessert Brands , Milkshake Brands ,
Coffee Brands , Frozen Food Brands , Brownie Brands , Gift Hampers Brands , Cookies Brands , B2B Wholesale
Brands and more. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, our infrastructure is adaptable to various
culinary needs.

A: Our spaces offer a turnkey solution, eliminating the need for extensive setup and operational hassles. With
AI-driven pos technology, brands can streamline their processes, reduce costs, and focus on scaling their
business in new cities.

A: Certainly! While our spaces come ready-to-use, we provide flexibility for customization to match the brand
aesthetics and operational preferences of our clients.

A: Our AI Based system pos intelligently tracks inventory levels, study area patterns, and facilitates automated
ordering processes. This not only minimizes the risk of shortages but also optimizes cost management for food

A: Our dedicated team, including Culinary Consultants and Tech Support, Live order support team is available
to provide guidance on kitchen operations, menu optimization, and technical assistance related to our AIdriven POS technology. We aim to be a strategic partner in our clients’ growth journey.

A: Yes, we offer a trial period for interested brands to experience the benefits of our technology and assess
the compatibility of our spaces with their unique requirements before committing to a long-term arrangement.

A: Getting started is simple! Reach out to our team through [contact us], and we’ll guide you through the
process, from consultation to exploring the opportunities our spaces and prices can offer to your food brand.the compatibility of our spaces with their unique requirements before committing to a long-term arrangement.

A: Our pricing is designed to be transparent and flexible, accommodating the diverse needs of food brands.
We offer a tiered pricing model based on factors such as kitchen size, location, and additional services. Reach
out to our dedicated team for a personalized quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Shadow Eats is India’s fast growing virtual food brands community that works intensively with the food brands in growth phase of their journey. Join us at Shadow Eats and discover a world of endless culinary possibilities.

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