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About Pluto Kitchens

We are Pluto Kitchens

Step into the future of dining with Pluto Kitchens. We’re bridging the gap between restaurant kitchens and foodies’ cravings by revolutionizing online food delivery through Dil Foods. Our mission is to empower restaurants with surplus capacity and redefine how we experience culinary delights, all while ensuring the industry thrives.

About Pluto Kitchens

Vision & Mission

PlutoTech Hospitality envisions revolutionizing restaurant expansion with a focus on cloud kitchens. We provide ready-made spaces for restaurants to enter new cities and regions. Our mission is to simplify the process of expanding restaurant businesses, offering franchises to established chains, eliminating infrastructure and kitchen setup worries. We aim to provide everything needed for expansion, from kitchen facilities to staff accommodations.

Suppport & Services

Best negotiated aggregator commissions.

Marketing & discounting support.

Backend support with inventory and order tracking.

Data analytics dashboard.

Menu engineering & hygiene.

Revenue management, recurring training.

Digitized training & hiring support.

Delivery network setup and management.

Option for brand addons.

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